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Written by Sailors for Sailors, to share the tips, tricks, recommendations and [not so] general knowledge picked up over many years of Sailing and Yacht Ownership.



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Equipment Guide

Sharing our knowledge on all the essential and non-essential gear required for a safe and trouble free time on the water.

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Maintenance Tips

Whether we like or not, our boats need a little TLC and some routine maintenance. Here we have a few tips to make life a little easier.

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Product Reviews

Summary views on some of the latest products brought to market and our own reviews of the new products we have put to use on the boat.

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Cleaning Ropes - Colorful Mooring Ropes

Top Tips for Cleaning Ropes

Cleaning Ropes - Easy Tips: If you didn’t store your running rigging last winter in a nice dry place then there is a good chance …

Jack-stay Installation Advice

Jack-stay Installation Advice

Jack-stays that are well inboard and taught reduce the chance that a sailor can be hurled over the lifelines and into the water.

Make Your Own Jacklines

Making a Jackline

Jacklines provide a convenient, safe way of attaching yourself to the boat via your safety harness tether.

The Pros and Cons of Chest-high Jacklines

The Pros and Cons of Chest-high Jacklines

World sailing offers fairly explicit expectations regarding jackstays. And PS offer its own additional advice, including one that recommends jacklines ideally be installed so that …


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